Call to Action


August 16, 2021


TO:  Each group’s largest mailing lists statewide

FR:  One of the signers

Subject:  Lansing needs our HELP!


Dear Michigan Patriot;


Our very own elected elites (those in Lansing this time) LOVE to have power and LOVE to use that power for their (not the peoples’) benefit.


The time has come to deliver an irrefutable, simple message to those elites.




Our organization has been hard at work behind-the-scenes, working as part of the Michigan Frontliners For Freedom group, a unified group of Michigan grassroots leaders. Don’t be distracted by negativity and critics right now. Never before have the grassroots groups been so unified, and working so hard together for every Michigan citizen!  


Early this morning, a demand letter was delivered to our legislature to DEMAND a full forensic audit of the Michigan 2020 election. This letter was signed by all the leaders of the participating Michigan grassroots groups. Our collective voice will be heard! 


Now we need YOU to follow up on this letter by calling your Representative and Senator and DEMAND (yes that is the word) your Constitutionally granted right to an election audit.  


Find your senator here.   Find your representative here.


Have a wonderful week, everyone!  And thank you all for doing your part to reclaim and retain our God-given rights!