Senate Republicans slam Big Tech over ‘censorship’ of COVID-19 origins

2021-06-12T14:20:31+00:00June 12th, 2021|

Senate Republicans continued their attack on Big Tech Thursday, this time accusing social media companies of censoring the origins of COVID-19. A group of GOP lawmakers blames the tech platforms for limiting discussion of the now growing theory that the virus leaked accidentally from a Chinese lab. Read More

Expiration dates for J&J COVID vaccine extended by 6 weeks

2021-06-12T14:17:50+00:00June 12th, 2021|

Johnson & Johnson said Thursday that U.S. regulators extended the expiration date on millions of doses of its COVID-19 vaccine by six weeks. The company said a Food and Drug Administration review concluded the shots remain safe and effective for at least 4 1/2 months. In February, the FDA originally authorized J&J’s vaccine for up

Some businesses want masks on, even as states drop mandates

2021-04-20T15:39:36+00:00April 20th, 2021|

Although Texas no longer requires people to wear masks to protect against COVID-19, customers do need them to enter De J. Lozada’s store. “We cannot afford to take chances with the lives of my staffers. They’re young people and their parents have entrusted me with their care,” says Lozada, owner of Soul Popped Gourmet Popcorn,

Lawsuit against MDHHS to stop mandatory COVID-19 student athlete testing for spring sports

2021-04-20T15:35:23+00:00April 20th, 2021|

A policy that’s already in place, is testing student athletes before practice and competition. And that measure is being met with resistance and a fresh lawsuit. What’s at issue is whether mandatory rapid testing is necessary or even legal.Last year, spring athletics were cancelled completely, due to coronavirus. Read More

US vaccine passport in the works

2021-03-31T15:39:23+00:00March 31st, 2021|

The Biden administration is working on a system for people to prove they’ve been vaccinated against coronavirus. The so-called “vax pass” or vaccine passport could be used by individuals in the workplace, in school or traveling internationally. According to a senior White House official, multiple agencies are involved in the planning. Potentially, the vaccine credentials

Michigan barbershop, dance studio among dozens fined for COVID-19 violations

2021-03-31T15:36:24+00:00March 31st, 2021|

Another batch of businesses are in trouble with the state for not following COVID-19 precautions. The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration has announced 44 pandemic-related citations, bringing the total to 171. Fines ranged from $0 to $31,500 and included assessments for non-pandemic violations. Read More

Tucker gives update on restaurant owner targeted by Michigan authorities on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

2021-03-22T17:55:43+00:00March 22nd, 2021|

Tucker Carlson updated viewers Friday on the status of Michigan restaurant owner Marlena Pavlos-Hackney, who appeared on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" earlier in the week to discuss how authorities were trying to have her arrested for operating her business during the coronavirus pandemic. Read More

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