Demand Letter to Mi Legislature

August 11, 2021


TO:  Mike Shirkey, Senate Majority Leader

Michigan Senate


Jason Wentworth, Speaker of the House

Michigan House of Representatives


Cc: Associated Press

FROM:  The Michigan Frontliners Group 

SUBJECT: Full Forensic Audit of the Michigan 2020 Election


Dear Sirs,




As the leaders of the grassroots groups in Michigan, we collectively represent freedom-loving Michiganders. We would be remiss in doing our jobs if we allowed you to continue to be remiss in doing yours. We are speaking with one voice in this matter, and we expect you to hear the voice of the people who elected you as their representatives. 


Over recent weeks so much has (and has not) happened:


  • A Michigan Senator stated that anyone disputing the 2020 election process should be investigated by our socialist democrat Attorney General.
  • The Chair of our House Committee on Election Reform stated she is against any audit of elections.
  • Through the combined efforts of several grassroots groups, over 7,500 notarized affidavits (collected in just 10 days) were delivered to 20 specific Lansing elected/judicial officials demanding an election audit.
  • Numerous groups and individuals have communicated directly with their elected representatives that election integrity is the #1 issue with voters and to demand their Michigan Constitutional right to obtain an election audit.
  • Legislative “leadership” stated that there is nothing to review in the 2020 election process and it is time to move on.


Michiganders believe there are serious problems with the 2020 election and we remind you (again) that our elected officials and lawmakers have a duty to respond to our concerns.


Whether the widely held election concerns are true or not, whether what poll workers saw amounts to unfounded accusations or legitimate problems, it is the obligation of elected representatives to provide the people of Michigan with answers. 


Governments are OF THE PEOPLE, and voters are the people. Voters are not a lobby group or special interest donor.  Voters deserve —demand—- a complete forensic audit which will either confirm what we are afraid of or clearly demonstrate that these concerns are not true.   Then, and only then, will the citizens of Michigan regain trust to go back to the polls and vote with confidence knowing that their ballot is sacred!


The Michigan Legislature (individually, nor collectively) has NO RIGHT to deny a citizen their Constitutional right to an election audit.  Yet that is exactly what the Michigan Legislature is doing!


Never before have the grassroots groups signing this email (see below) seen fit to work together.  Then again, never before has the Michigan Legislature collectively worked to deny Michigan citizens a specific Constitutionally-granted right.


Confirming that the 2020 election irregularities have been sorted out and addressed MUST HAPPEN before Michiganders can accept the result of any future election.  


As other states move forward with their forensic audits, where is Michigan?


Citizens are tired of the constant call to action requests.  Every group is tired of needing to make such requests.  


The time for stalling is over. 


It is the demand of the people that you grant to us a full forensic audit of the Michigan 2020 election.



The Michigan Frontliners Group.  



American Decency Association

Citizens Liberating Michigan

Election Integrity Fund

Michigan Capitol House of Prayer

Michigan Conservative Coalition

Michigan Conservative Union

Michigan Leadership Group

Michiganders for Safe Technology Ottawa County

Ottawa County Patriots Group

Patriot HUB

Real Deal Media

Stand Up Michigan

Transformation Michigan