Dear Name of University:

This letter is in response to your new requirement that I obtain a vaccination against COVID-19. I am protesting this policy as an intrusion of my personal right to manage my own health choices and make a health decision which I believe is in my own best interest.

I take my health very seriously. I have been careful to protect myself from exposure to COVID and have been following all related public guidelines. I limit my social gatherings and I am constantly washing my hands. And I am not opposed to vaccinations generally. I have consistently acted responsibly and prudently within medical conventions to protect my own health and safety.

However, I do not believe it is either responsible or prudent to receive an experimental drug rushed to market under a federal emergency use authorization which presents numerous reaction risks. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System has documented many serious adverse events associated with these vaccines which include death, anaphylaxis, blood clots, heart problems, neurological and autoimmune disorders, other inflammatory conditions, blindness and deafness, infertility, fetal damage, miscarriage and stillbirth. [These risks are especially concerning given my own pre-existing health conditions which include Asthma, and which may increase my risk of an adverse reaction to the vaccine.] Moreover, researchers have warned that at least one approved vaccine induces complex reprogramming of innate immune responses, and little is known about the permanent impact this may have on our immune systems. I am not convinced these new vaccinations are safe for me to use, and I do not wish to serve as a guinea pig while the drug companies figure it out.

I weigh these risks against evidence that vaccinations are not providing expected benefits. News reports confirm that the vaccinated are just as likely to spread the COVID-19 Delta variant as the unvaccinated, consistent with CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky’s report that vaccinated people carry high viral loads and still should wear masks. And a study out of Israel, where vaccinations are widespread, estimates that one vaccination is just 39% effective after only six months. To me, exposure to serious and permanent side-effects for temporary protection which still requires a mask simply isn’t worth the risk.

And finally, there is a lot of evidence that Ivermectin, an extremely safe and inexpensive drug, can be repurposed for the avoidance and treatment of COVID-19 with a very high degree of efficacy, see  I am not convinced that vaccination with an experimental drug is as safe as this option, which won a Noble Prize in 2015 and has been administered billions of times with very few side-effects.

My education is of vital importance to me and worked hard to get into this school and to build my academic record here. I will not leave voluntarily. If I refuse the vaccine, you will need to formally discharge me from the University and I would expect a written explanation citing the scientific data showing that non-invasive mandates and procedures guarding against the spread of COVID in our school would not be effective. If I do submit to a vaccine, I will expect you to fully protect me and my family from any negative consequences to my health, either short or long term, including covering the cost of medical treatment and fully protecting me against any long term loss of income. I will especially need this support if these costs are not otherwise covered by insurance.

I know you’d like to protect the health and safety of all members of our University community, but you cannot guarantee vaccination will be safe for me personally and I’m not comfortable with that risk. I believe your vaccination mandate is over-reaching and illegal and demonstrates a calloused disregard for the health risks you are requiring that I assume, such that you actually and specifically intend whatever consequences that may occur.

I am hoping that, by clearly stating my concerns regarding this new vaccination requirement, you might reconsider this policy and propose other options, at least for those of us at [employer] who are genuine in our concerns about these vaccinations.

Thank you for considering my protest. Please let me know of your requirements going forward, so that I may evaluate all my options.


Name of Student