Michigan Patriots, YOU have been a huge help to us with the Stand Up to Unlock Michigan Campaign and we have all tasted the first notes of victory together. Words cannot express how grateful we are for your service and partnership. We are down to less than 30 days until the most important Election in our lifetime.


As you know:

• We have submitted 539K + signatures to the Michigan Secretary of State

• The Michigan Supreme Court also ruled on the same day, on a separate topic, that the Governor is operating outside her boundaries.

But here is the crucial piece you need to know: We are NOT home-free yet. We are so close but there is still much more to do. Please keep reading below to see how you can help carry as all the way to victory.


Scenario 1. Us getting the 539K signatures verified by the Secretary of State is STILL a goal because we must get the law overturned. Our hope is that Secretary Benson will verify them yet this year and our Michigan Legislature (House and Senate are Republican majority) will vote to repeal this law. We are HIGHLY confident we have the House and Senate members willing to vote as soon as it gets to their desks.

Scenario 2. It is possible the Secretary of State may stall and we won’t verify our signatures this year which could push it into next year – and a NEW House Chamber (House Members are up for election this year; Senate members are not).

Once the Secretary verifies signatures, our success is then leaning on the House (and Senate) voting on our legislative initiative to overturn the 1945 law. IF

Republicans lose majority, the Democrats will be in majority and their Speaker of the House will call the shots, deciding what gets taken up on the floor.

While this cause is non-partisan, we have greater confidence that Republicans will help us see this through than we do Democrats. IF scenario 2 plays out – it

does not mean our cause is lost, just that we have a lot more work to do.

Scenario 3. The Supreme Court has ruled that the Governor is operating outside her guidelines. But until the MI Legislature repeals this law — the ruling can still be overturned. The victory we experienced in the court was championed by Supreme Court Justice Stephen Markman. 

The sad news is that he is almost done with his term on the bench so we have to replace him with another Rule of Law Champion. And there is a second seat open. So we have to make sure that the TWO Rule of Law candidates on the ballot (Brock Swartzle and Mary Kelly) get elected. IF we lose Justice Markman’s seat, and the second seat — you can guarantee that our ruling in the court could get overturned. 


(Wow! That’s a lot of info! Yes, it’s complex but we are almost to the solution so hang in there!)

We want to be of service to YOU to help YOU mobilize your region.

We need help in: 

• Informing all the people who worked with us for this petition campaign

 • Activating everyone we can to go vote and to work hard to spread the word on the important candidates

We need to let people know: 

• Vote 2 Rule of Law Candidates: Swartzle and Kelly

• Help us with Freedom Door Days (where grassroots will go spend time with a sitting Lawmaker and knock on doors in KEY House races to make sure

champions for our cause get elected; don’t worry – we will point you in the right direction!!)

 • Serve as poll watchers

 or Election Day Warriors as Amy likes to call them 🙂

We need:

 • County Team leaders

• County teams

 • Volunteers

Will you help us? 

We want to kick butt and work hard for VICTORY for FREEDOM.


If you decide to help us in this final “less than 30 day push” — what do you do? Well, whatever works for you!

• Focus on YOUR COUNTY.

• Go back to your list of people you have been talking to and working alongside and mobilizing

• Start to invite them to be informed, take action on Freedom Door days, and serve as Poll watchers

• We will supply talking points, materials, instructions, zoom calls for training for you

• Delegate tasks i.e. “Mary you call the churches and ask if they need voter guides, Bob, you find people who will take signs for the Supreme Court

candidates, Sarah you manage the database, Victor, you coordinate …”

You do what you can and have FUN with it as we press hard until November 3rd (Election Day) for the cause of freedom.

If this sounds appealing, please sign up – TONIGHT to be part of our Operation Victory Team!


There is not a strict way of doing it, it’s simply being a point person to help us serve our state and nation by informing and mobilizing the masses for freedom.

We need you. And to be honest – none of us knew this is where it would all land when we started, so we are figuring this out as we go as well!

Our cause is too important. Will you join us?