Tammy Clark on Jodi O’Malley: Biden Administration Weaponizing Regulatory Agencies

Tammy Clark on Jodi O’Malley: Biden Administration Weaponizing Regulatory Agencies

“Many people are unaware of the Biden Administration’s attempt at weaponizing regulatory agencies to carry out their mass vaccination agenda. COVID-19 was a tool to implement sweeping mandates on the American Public. For example, the Biden Administration instructed OSHA to create a permanent COVID-19 standard which included: masking, testing, quarantine, social distancing, and vaccine mandates for businesses with over 100 employees in the United States. OSHA was successful at creating an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS), which included the above, and attempted to convert the ETS into a permanent standard. 

Tammy Clark and her colleagues, Kristen MeghanStephen PettyTyson Gabriel, and Meghan Manselll, are a few of the Industrial Hygienists who stood up and exposed this unlawful attempt at issuing sweeping mandates that violate all known, proven science that has dictated pandemic response for decades. 

Who are Industrial Hygienists (IH)? No, they are not dentists. IH professionals are the exposure scientists that lead government agencies and healthcare systems through infectious disease outbreaks with proper control measures. It is the role of the IH to recognize, evaluate, anticipate and control ALL known hazards. According to government protocols, they must follow the Hierarchy of Controls (HOC) when determining proper control measures for disease mitigation.

The HOC was created by the National Safety Council in 1950 and has been utilized for all infectious disease outbreaks successfully for the last 70 years. It is the protocol that those in the field of IH must follow when determining proper protective measures for the workplace and the public at large. 

For the first time since 1950, the proven HOC, the IH Professionals, and the traditional multi-disciplinary approach to pandemic response were ignored and abandoned, creating a much greater public health hazard; economic destruction with business and job lossesfinancial ruin, educational loss among children, and a mental and physical health crises, the likes which have never before been seen in this nation.

Fear, distrust, anxiety, depression, suicides, increased rates of substance and physical abuse, and family and friends were torn apart all because we abandoned the scientifically-proven approach to pandemic response, allowing Dr. Anthony Fauci to single-handedly collude with global health agencies (WHO, WEF) and American agencies (CDC, FDA, OSHA, NIH, NIOSH, HHS, etc.) to implement an unproven, untested, one-size-fits-all approach to disease mitigation on the American people. Psychological warfare military methods, spearheaded by fear-based propaganda messaging, created confusion and uncertainty while conditioning people to desire an experimental biologic agent the government called a vaccine. 

In recent years, Congress has given more and more regulatory authority to executive branch departments and single-headed agencies, such as OSHA in Labor, NHTSA in Transportation, and EPA. Today there are approximately 100 regulatory agencies in the Federal government.

Most people need to understand that regulatory agencies get their authority expressly from Congress, not the Executive or Judicial branches of government. 

Regulatory agencies were created to ensure compliance with laws but in recent years, several Presidential Administrations have attempted to weaponize regulatory agencies bypassing law and violating regulatory, statutory authority, and the legislative and rule-making processes. 

This has the earmarks of Fascism, by which the government is contractually colluding with the media, large corporations, big tech, the banking, healthcare, education, and judicial systems to pursue a particular agenda overriding the will of the American people. 

Joining me on this discussion is Tammy K. Clark, an OSHA Environmental Health and Safety Professional, with over 15 years of experience in the fields of Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Safety and Health. She is a Court-Approved Subject Matter Expert on PPE, Respiratory Protection, health, safety, regulatory compliance, and has worked as a Legal Expert Witness in several court cases related to these subjects, including providing expert testimony in the Supreme Court Case, National Federation of Independent Businesses vs. Dept. of Labor and OSHA. Tammy has a B.S. in Business and Construction Health and Safety, and holds several industry certifications in the fields of Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Health and Safety, emergency response, and emergency medicine.

Tammy’s work has included field inspections, testing hazardous environments, training management and employees, supervising emergency response plans, and teaching in the university setting. She has sat on many health and professional industry boards and has provided relevant, accurate, and timely information to her clients and the public. Her work has been acknowledged with several awards and recognitions. She was named one of the “Most Influential Women in West Michigan” by the Grand Rapids Business Journal in 2018, and nominated again in 2020. Her business, Tammy K. Clark Companies, LLC, was also nominated a “Top Woman-Owned Business” in 2019.”