Stand Up Michigan Freedom Fest 2020 Summer Tour.

Tour Purpose:

1. Care inform and activate the people and organizations in your community and empower them to provide the solution for recovery. We the People are the solution, not the Government.

2. We will have speakers and leaders from your community as well as Leadership from Stand Up Michigan.

3. We ask that People only bring Flags, no signs as this is an Freedom event, not a protest.

“The silent majority doesn’t have to be silent any more!”

Dr. Garrett Soldano

“We’re simply representing your voice…the voices of freedom!”

Ron Armstrong

“We are fighting against oppression and tyranny”

Tammy Clark


We want to encourage local people to invest and support all local business as this is the only way to a quick recovery.

A Patriotic event filled with Music and speakers that will share the good news about the American Spirit. We will recover, We will reinvent ourselves in a way that will strengthen our families, our communities and our Country!

Is your City, or County ready to Stand Up for Michigan!

We are taking applications through June 12th as we seek to identify locations that can provide us with location, support from their community and connections with local leaders that are ready to Stand Up! Please fill out the application below if you would like to host a Freedom Fest in your area.

Freedom Fest Application

We prefer Friday afternoon or early evening events as they allow most businesses to be open but will consider Friday evening for some events and we also are willing to support an existing event scheduled already if it fits our messaging.

So many events have been cancelled all through Michigan, so we hoping to provide a boost to your people, your businesses and your vendors.